We match you with competent professionals, ensuring results and saving you time. Our experts find ideal candidates who align with your company culture and needs, providing a seamless candidate journey. Discover specialized talent for short-term or full-time positions in ICT, Sales, Business Development, Engineering, and Warehousing/ Logistics. Benefit from our fixed fee concept and expand your recruitment capacity effortlessly. Join forces with Verum Artes and say goodbye to endless searches and welcome the ideal candidates immediately!

We connect passionate individuals with purpose-driven organizations, offering a curated platform exclusively for careers in the sustainability. With a focus on renewable energy, circular economy,  sustainable agriculture, sustainable supply chain, sustainable mobility, eco-innovation, green building and infrastructure. We empower job seekers to make a positive impact while enabling employers to attract top talent. Join the movement towards a greener future with DuurzameJobs.NL and be part of the sustainable revolution!

We understand the unique needs and challenges of the Netherlands’ thriving sustainability market. With expertise in renewable energy, circular economy,  sustainable agriculture, sustainable supply chain, sustainable mobility, eco-innovation, green building and infrastructure, we connect you with top-notch talent that aligns with your organization’s vision. Let us be your trusted recruitment partner in sourcing exceptional individuals who will drive your sustainability initiatives forward. Join forces with The Sustainable Talent Finder and make a lasting impact on the greener future we all aspire to achieve!

We specialize in leveraging our expertise to provide exceptional services in the field of recruitment…

Interim Assignments

You have the knowledge and expertise, we take care of the relationships and challenging assignments.

Talent Sourcing

Talent Sourcing The Talent Sourcing Partner for passionate and ambitious professionals in the Benelux


You have knowledge and expertise and want to be flexible in this before you start employment.


Our story is a testament to our journey and growth in the recruitment industry…


Verum Artes aims to stay ahead in the swiftly evolving job market. We acknowledge the growing importance professionals place on personal growth and work flexibility. Our strategy for attracting and retaining exceptional talent has transformed over the past two decades due to automation, technology advancements, and digitization profoundly reshaping the labor landscape.

While we recognize that automation will replace numerous jobs, we firmly believe that new positions will emerge to match digital trends and enhance efficiency. With an increasing number of individuals working remotely, the demand for robust and secure ICT infrastructure is on the rise. At Verum Artes Professional Staffing, we remain fully engaged in current affairs and diligently monitor industry trends. Leveraging data science and machine learning, we remain at the forefront, offering customers expert guidance and exceptional staffing solutions.


At Verum Artes, our mission is to connect exceptional talent with career opportunities that align with their aspirations. With over a decade of recruitment and selection expertise, we specialize in partnering with high-performing professionals who are dedicated to our clients' success.

As an organization, we focus on sourcing specialists across industries, ensuring that we engage only with the most accomplished individuals. Additionally, we offer Business Development services to empower our clients in reaching new heights with their operations and ambitions.

Our commitment to both our clients and top talent enables us to facilitate ideal matches, understanding the needs and aspirations of both parties. By actively participating in the match-making process, we ensure the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders involved. At Verum Artes Professional Staffing, we are driven by our passion for making a difference in the lives of those we collaborate with.


While we don’t impose exclusivity as a requirement, we recognize the potential benefits it can offer to both our client and us. For instance, without exclusivity, we are unable to reference our client by name, resulting in a slightly diminished impact of the advertisement and the client not fully capitalizing on the advantages of “employer branding exposure.”

Upon receiving your resume, we will securely store it in our database. To ensure compliance with data protection regulations, we will request your permission via email before proceeding. Rest assured that we adhere to the guidelines outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For more detailed information, we invite you to review our Privacy Statement.

Yes, as a general practice, we will issue the invoice once our client has successfully reached an agreement with our candidate.

Absolutely! Our proposition is crystal clear. We offer an array of services designed to cater to our clients’ needs. These services include Interim Assignments, Secondment, as well as recruitment and talent sourcing. With our comprehensive suite of offerings, we strive to provide exceptional solutions that address the diverse requirements of our valued clients.

At Verum Artes, we dominate the business landscape across multiple industries. From cutting-edge ICT and media to dynamic (Fin & High-)Tech, strategic consultancy, innovative engineering, consumer-driven FMCG, bustling retail, influential public policy, efficient logistics, sustainable energy solutions, seamless telecom services, robust financial expertise, and top-notch facility management – we are the unrivaled leaders in every sector. Trust us to deliver exceptional results and drive your success in any industry you choose.

Certainly! Our methodology revolves around actively sourcing and matching candidates with real job openings. This allows us to have focused discussions with candidates, addressing the specific requirements and intricacies of each vacancy. By adopting this approach, candidates can adequately prepare and tailor their responses accordingly. Consequently, we do not typically conduct orientation interviews as our primary focus is on connecting candidates with specific job opportunities rather than general discussions.

Upon receiving your request, our first step is to thoroughly assess whether your skills and expertise align with the specific requirements. Rest assured, we prioritize a prompt response and will contact you as soon as possible with further updates. Our goal is to ensure a seamless and efficient communication process throughout the evaluation stage.

Absolutely! By submitting your details, they will be added to our database, allowing our consultants to identify potential matches between your profile and specific job vacancies. However, we highly encourage you to proactively respond to specific job openings in a targeted manner. This approach ensures that you maintain control over your job search and enables you to customize your application to align with the requirements of each individual position. Tailoring your “pitch” to the specific job opportunity always yields better results than a generic response.